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Not BS 101 - Starter Kit

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You have finally decided to jump into the Notary Signing business with Two Feet and Faith.


However, your nerves are drowning you with fear. Don't panic because we have a proactive starter kit of tools to keep your head above water.

All of the items in the kit were generated over the first year of a successful business. Resources gathered and created over time that played a major part in completing over 400 signings while making over $60,000 within the first 8 months of our business.  

Now we want to inspire you to reach your highest potential. Sheila Lordeus is a perfectionist, detailed and organized agent giving you some golden nuggets to include into your training journey. 

It wasn't to long ago when waiting to launch and all the below questions overwhelmed the mind:
  • What do I say and do when at the closing? 
  • How do I summarize each document? Do I have to memorize each document?
  • Where do they sign and where do I notarize?
  • When do I collect identifications?
  • Wish I could shadow an actual closing to hear how it flows.
  • What can I have at the table to help me check off key things to do?
  • What factors should I consider when pricing my service?
  • and on and on and on........

Notarieus Business Services designed the NOT BS program/series to provide quick tips and tools to address all of those questions and more within the NOT BS 101 kit to push you to the front of the line, ready to go.

As a BONUS, we have also included our popular eBook: Proactive Business Practices. This added tool will elevate you to the next level faster than most. 

Feel free to pair this with a NOT BS 1on1 coaching session if you need more of a personal touch and motivation. Subscribe to our website (if you haven't already done so), and click BOOK US to schedule your meeting as soon as possible. 

Now go be that BOSS, you were made to be.

ALL sales are final as this is an electronic product that is sent to you automatically up purchase. Make sure to your junk or spam inbox. Fill out our contact form within 3 business days for technical issues. 

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (51MB)
  • PDF (95KB)
  • MP3 (45MB)
  • PDF (3MB)
  • JPG (472KB)
  • JPG (117KB)
  • PDF (193KB)
  • PDF (115KB)
  • PDF (94KB)
  • PDF (136MB)
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