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Teulu-Tri Trio of Boxes

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This is a beading PATTERN only, you are not purchasing the '"Teulu Tri" boxes with this listing.

Teulu Tri, meaning Family Three. A beautiful trio of triangular lidded boxes, each with a different knotwork design on the sides. Make all three, and store them inside one another, or display them on their own, or make just one. Experiment with colour to create your own unique set.

Your files will contain a 15 page A4 file with step by step instructions and diagrams to make your boxes, and a Basics file to help with the tricky bits, hints, tips and how-to's.

This tutorial assumes you know Peyote stitch, and the basics of beadweaving such as fastening off and attaching new threads.

Upon payment confirmation you will be able to download two files. One is the pattern for the box in word and diagrams, and the other is your basic instructions for hems, stitches, abbreviations and how to read the pattern.

25g size 11 cylinder beads (A)
16g size 11 cylinder beads (B)
20g size 11 cylinder beads (C)
5g size 15/0 seed beads (D)
1 x 4mm glass pearl
1 x 6mm glass pearl
1 x 18mm Lunasoft cabochon (or any round 18mm flatback cabochon)
Size 10 or 11 beading needle
Thread of your choice. (Fireline recommended)

Colourways included in the pattern.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (3MB)

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