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The Tao of Grassroots Mentorship

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Have you ever had an idea of how you could impact your community or inspire the next generation of young people, only to get disheartened by the red-tape and bureaucracy you are confronted with when striving to make that a reality? 

The Tao of Grassroots Mentorship is the first Community E-Resource Manual developed by Youth & Community worker Rick Boland and MANA Youth Project. 

The Mission of this eBook is to provide individuals and community groups the means to take their grassroots ideas and make them actionable in order to bring innovation to the communities they live and work in. The material is non-statistical & distances itself from any kind of academic structure, policy or procedure, instead opting for qualitative application & social-action philosophies that aims to put the power of change into the hands of the people who read it, no matter their level of perceived education, prior understanding or socioeconomic background.  

Topics discussed in this eBook can be split into 3 major sections with a central theme. You will read about:

  • The Role of Mentoring in the Community
  • Different Types of Mentors 
  • How to Develop a Mentoring Philosophy
  • Developing a Code to Hold Yourself & your Work Responsible
  • An Introduction to Grassroots Community Movements & How to Start Your Own

    and more. 

Weaved throughout these concepts and insights are our favourite quotes on mentorship and social-action, and some real life case studies to help the reader see how the work has been applied. 

I hope you enjoy reading through this eBook. And I look forward to bringing the youth and community field more innovative, actionable and thought provoking resources in the near future. 

This resource can be utilised by but not limited to: Community Members, Educators, Schools, Community Organisations, Community Groups, Youth Service & Mental Health Organisations, Employment Agencies, Parents, Carers, and of course Young People themselves. 


You will get a PDF (3MB) file
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