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Looking to take your chess skills to the next level and dominate your opponents? Look no further than Chess Assist! This advanced cheat extension is jam-packed with all-new features designed to revolutionize the way you play chess.

With Chess Assist, you'll have access to built-in Stockfish, a best move calculator, live engine score, and ELO rating adjust, giving you the power to easily calculate the best move and outsmart your opponents. Plus, with real-time visual indicators, you'll always be able to track the game's progress and stay on top of your strategy.

Whether you prefer engine mode, human mode, or neural mode, Chess Assist has you covered with the flexibility to play the way you want. And with Suggestion and Blind modes, you'll have the tools you need to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the game, making it easy to memorize patterns and analyze enemy tactics.

With 12 fun modes and 8 color choices, you can customize your experience to make your chess games all the more enjoyable. Plus, our anti-cheat/hack bypass ensures fair play and protects your account from being banned.

With support for,,, and, Chess Assist is the ultimate cheat extension for both online and offline play. And with future implementations like server calculations, AI chess engine, and new learning modes, Chess Assist is a must-have for all chess enthusiasts.

So why settle for mediocre games when you can elevate your game with Chess Assist? Order now and get ahead of your competition with our lightning-fast and custom-made extension. Don't wait - order today and enjoy unbeatable chess experiences like never before!

Features (Version 23)

• Built-in Stockfish 🐟

• Best Move Calculator ✔️

• Live Engine Score 💯

• ELO Rating Adjust 🎚️

• Visual Indicators 👓

• Engine Mode ⚙️

• Human Mode 🧠

• Neural Mode 🖥️

• Suggestion Mode 💬

• Line Viewer 📖

• Blind Mode ⭕

• Threat Display 🎯

• Autoplay Mode 🚀

• 12 Fun Modes 🧃

• 8 Color Choices 🎨

• Move Reader 🎙️

• Dynamic Window 🖐

• In-Depth Evaluation 🔬

• Key Bind Shortcuts 💨

• Anti-Cheat/Hack Bypass 🔍

• Built-in WebRTC Leak Prevention 🕵️‍♂️

Choose between Engine, Human, and Neural Modes to see the best engine moves, likely player responses, or neural calculations. Also, further adjust between different play styles in Human Mode. Warning: Human Mode will blunder just like real people do!

The educational "Suggestion" and "Blind" Modes help improve your knowledge and understanding of any chess position. Suggestions allow you to memorize and recognize patterns, greatly improving your chess skills and positional knowledge. Blind moves train your hand and brain to easily analyze enemy tactics and ideas.

Supported Sites





Future Implementations

• Server Calculations

• AI Chess Engine

• New Learning Modes

• Support More Sites

This extension expects all website and browser visual settings be defaulted to function. Your Board and Pieces "Animation Type" setting must be defaulted. Chess Assist is not made to be compatible with any other extensions. Some problems may be resolved by refreshing or adjusting your browser zoom.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (1MB)
  • DOCX (93KB)
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