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A guide to architectural Photography

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About the book
Note: You download .epub file or  .pdf file or both, suitable for reading. I have done .pdf file itself easy to read in mobile phone also.

This books contains some stunning monument photographs from amazing tourist places like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and India, from author’s own collection. These photos were clicked by the author at different daylight conditions, different camera positions in unique style.

If you go to any travelling place, the main attraction will be monuments. Even though there are several hundred photos are available for buying at those places, every traveller wants to photograph from his own point of view by his own camera or cell phone. Monument photography is extremely important especially for travellers.

I have explained many aspects of monument photography in detail, from the basics of photography to editing the photos.

The important topics covered are:

1.     Basics of photography- Aperture control, shutter speed, ISO and depth of field controls.

2.     Lighting – I have explained the effects of Sunlight direction at different times of the day, taking examples of appearance of the same monument.

3.     Background – selecting suitable background and lighting.

4.     Sky - For many monuments, sky is the ideal background .I have shown the best methods of using it.

5.     Distance from the monument- a very important parameter and its effect.

6.     Position of the camera- Explained with examples of appearance of same monument at different directions.

7.     Different viewpoints -  Including the other tall buildings, many methods of taking monument photos even while travelling in monorail, has been explained.

8.     Night light photography of monuments- a totally different considerations are to be followed.

9.     Editing – more than 40% of the digital photos are edited these days, not only to correct the errors in photos but also to get some special effects.

10.                        Summery- I have included a brief summary of all the topics discussed, at the end of the book for easy recollection.
Please read and give your opinions.
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