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Colours - EFL Module (C1 level) - Teacher Notes and Worksheets

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This download includes premium resources for the Englishin3d module COLOURS (C1 level). If you purchase these resources, you will receive four pdf files:

  • Comprehensive teaching notes with instructions, hints and answer keys for each part of the lesson
  • Worksheet 4d (a sentence matching activity based on the video)
  • Worksheet 4e (grammar info and exercises on the past real conditional)
  • Worksheet 7c (vocabulary exercises based on the Stuart Semple video).

The main student pages for this module are freely available online at

Level: C1.

Length: We recommend taking 2 hours minimum. The module could take up to 5-6 hours if all suggested activities in the teaching notes are fully developed.

Themes: Parts 1-5 focus on associations between colours and moods or feelings, and the way colours are represented and named across cultures and languages. Parts 6-7 centre on a recent feud in the art world over who is allowed to use a particular colour.

The module does not include any references to colour in the context of race or skin tone.

Target language: Vocabulary for naming and describing colours. Colour idioms. Listening for gist and for detail. Using conditionals to talk about real situations in the past. Vocabulary relating to a feud between two artists. Discussing differences of languages and culture.

Language the students need to have already: An all-round B2 to C1 level. Some knowledge of conditionals and familiarity with different types of conditional would be useful if using Worksheet 4e.

Suitability: For adult or teenage learners. Can be used online or offline as long as students are able to view the online pages linked above.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (198KB)
  • PDF (69KB)
  • PDF (93KB)
  • PDF (82KB)
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