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WS77 | Full Metal Jacket

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The KPR77 is a very electronic sounding analog drum machine from the early 80s with a true signature sound : The hats are the most acid ones i have heard, the clap is unique, the overall sound is gritty and corrosive, perfect for acid, electro pop, house or adding some original flavor and spice in any of your production.

In this drumsamples pack, you will find "dry" kits, as well as more processed samples (with stronger kick sounds, good use of solid state mixer, vintage eq, analogue distortion and tube compressors), so you get both the pure, raw sound of the drum machine, and also some processed samples, always true to the original, but ready to use in your productions.

This pack features more than 200 one-shot samples, gathered into 12 kits. All samples are in WAV, 24bit 48khz stereo format.
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