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Cultivating Happiness and Fulfilment despite chronic illness

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Chronic illness often means that the things you used to rely on for happiness are no longer available to you. However, it also provides an incredible opportunity to learn that real happiness doesn't come from the highlights of life, but from building a collection of little moments of joy. This book describes the many skills that will enable you cultivate happiness and fulfilment despite chronic illness, and offers journaling questions to help you find your own individualised route.

Julie is an experienced holistic life coach working exclusively with people with energy limiting chronic illness. She considers herself a chronic illness thriver. She recovered from ME/CFS once and enjoyed 7 years of active vibrant health before it hit again. She now lives a life that she loves despite the illness and wants to help others with chronic illness to thrive too. She loves spending time in nature, growing her own vegetables and spends as much of her day as possible in a comfortable pair of yoga pants. Writing as the ME/CFS Self-Help Guru, Julie shares tips on her weekly blog. You can also follow her on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest or join her Facebook group focusing on finding purpose despite chronic illness.
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