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The Journey of Life - Part II

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You are the result of a long journey already travelled, but one that is most certainly not at its end.

This book draws the picture of what the most recent evolutions in human knowledge have delivered as to the birth of this Universe and… of the human race. You get an overview of what the sciences, as these have been developed in the Western world the past centuries, have discovered so far, from the birth of the Cosmos up to the day you are reading this book. In many cases the scientific knowledge of current times is a translation and rediscovery of what the “wise” of ancient times already had discovered, and tried to convey in symbolic. After reading Part I you will be able to converse about the beginning of this Universe, about the different models circulating these days on this topic, about our Solar system and its birth, and about life on Earth… up till today. Also about what separates you as a human being.

After reading this Part II you can put and approach the information contained in Part I in a broader perspective: philosophically and above all spiritually. The WHY-question is not one to be answered by science. We have to look elsewhere for meaningful answers. This part of the book translates it all back to what it means for you, as a human, in a human society, part of the bigger whole which we call Nature, this Planet, this Planetary system, this Solar system, this Galaxy which we call the Milky Way, and this Universe.

Your place in all of this is… read the book.

Number of pages: 128

Table of Contents

0. What Is It All About, Or Rather ... Who?   1
I. The History Of Humanity Since The Days Of The Acquisition Of The “I Am”- Awareness   7
II. The Seven Energetic Aspects Of Our Species, Equivalents Of The Chakric Demons Of Individual Humans   18
   + And one thing humanity as a whole and each and every of its members need to bear in mind ...   22
III. “I Refute It Thus” ... Not Really; Plato’s Cave Allegory “Reloaded”; And The Card Game   27
   + And for some further oddities, do you see any similarities of the kind “the large scale reflects the small scale, the small the large”?   48
   + If you want some more astonishment, contemplate the following, concerning the impact of SOUND   54
IV. The Message Of The Nails In The Hands And Feet Of The Christ Incarnated   58
   IV.1 Relevant Knowledge Of Our Ancestors And The Past Centuries   58
   IV.2 Relevant Knowledge Of Our Present Times   64

  IV.3 The Messages of the Nails   79

V. The Eye(S) Of Horus   81
VI. Conclusion: Be The Most Powerful Co-Creator You Can Be, That Is The Message   89
   + The Buddha’s 8-Fold Path   97
   + Be(Com)Ing An Avatar(A)   101
   + Some additional notes   111


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