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Energy Fluency Energy Medicine Class

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Includes 3 PDF Files and 5 MP4 Video Files.

10 hours of instruction.

A magical exploration of Energy Medicine, offering tools for communicating more easily with the body's energies, and for awakening your intuition.

This two-day course is for practitioners and self-healers. It guides you through how to figure out which energy medicine tools will accomplish what is needed in a given moment. It helps you develop your own tools, and deepen understanding of Eden Energy Medicine work.

With lively presentation and thought-provoking discussions, this course is a must-see for complementary medicine practitioners who want to communicate more fluently with the body's energies.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (42KB)
  • PDF (738KB)
  • PDF (4MB)
  • M4V (684MB)
  • M4V (757MB)
  • M4V (740MB)
  • M4V (909MB)
  • M4V (881MB)
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