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Making It Glitter

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“What do you want for Christmas, big boy?”

Blake Anderson will do anything to survive, even taking a seasonal gig as a Christmas elf at the local shopping mall. Embarrassing, yes, but if that’s what he must do to pay the rent, he’ll wear the skintight green hose and the silly wig.
At first it is almost unbearable, but then he’s reunited with his teenage crush, who’s having his own string of bad luck.

Eddie Garza is the last person you expect to don a Santa costume, but when his business is nearly destroyed, he only has two options, either start turning tricks for cash, or put on the red suit and ignore the screaming of tiny little tots.
What makes it worthwhile is working with his friend from years ago. Eddie hasn’t ever thought of Blake romantically, but now he wants to shove the snotty kids off his lap and replace them with the cute redhead. Will Santa find true love with his glittery elf?

Making It Glitter is the fourth book in the Making It series. It features a wacky matchmaker with a gift for the occult, reunited orphans, and an exotic dancer with a heart of gold. And, of course, a happy ever after.
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