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The Complete Paramotor Pilot's book of knowledge

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Good paramotor training isn't enough! A few days learning to ground handle, along with a few short flights is all you'll get during the average paramotor training course. Time is of the essence, and the instructors goal is simply to get the pilot into the air for at least one solo flight.

Pilots come away from training lacking even basic skills and knowledge, and most are too nervous to fly by themselves. This is simply because they just don't feel they've learned enough about the sport, or how to safely fly the paramotor without the help of the instructor.

This is understandable in such a high risk sport. Many pilots will never fly again after training, and some are seriously injured; but all it really takes is a better understanding. If you take the time to learn everything you need to know, you'll be a safer, more confident pilot, and you'll find flying much more enjoyable.

This book has been written with the goal of teaching pilots everything they need to know to fly a paramotor. Taking them from a complete beginner, to safely and confidently flying a paramotor, with the essential skills that a training course simply can't provide.

One last thing to note: the number of paramotor accidents are increasing every year. This may be expected as paramotoring becomes more popular, but the numbers are rising faster than the sport is growing! This is another consequence of poor training, and a lack of knowledge. You should never skip quality training, it's an important part of the learning process, but this book will provide you with a second phase of training that could save your life.

The book has been put together with beginners in mind, but even pilots with a few hours behind them are sure to find the information very valuable.

What you’ll learn in each chapter of this 149 page eBook

  • Training and instruction 
  • Theory of flight
  • Glider, risers, and lines
  • Ground handling
  • Reverse kiting
  • Forward launching
  • Packing and storing the wing
  • Wing care
  • Towing
  • Top to bottom flights
  • Paramotors and their parts
  • Trikes and quads
  • Hang test (foot launched machines)
  • Hang test (wheeled machines)
  • The motor
  • Starting the engine safely
  • Pre flight checks
  • Fuelling the paramotor
  • Getting to know the paramotor
  • Rules and regulations
  • Weather and its limitations
  • Avoiding dangers and accidents
  • Fast descent techniques
  • Reserve parachutes
  • Flotation devices and water landings
  • Clouds
  • Your first solo paramotor flight
  • Emergencies and worst case scenarios
  • Handling collapses
  • Buying your first paramotor
  • Buying your first wing
  • How to tie brake line knots
  • Buying a second hand paramotor
  • Buying a second hand wing
  • Essential paramotoring gear
  • After your training
  • Using speed bar
  • Post launch checks
  • Radios and communication devices

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