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The Definitive Guide to Your Work-from-Home Resume

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The Definitive Guide to Your Work-from-Home eBook will have you knowing exactly how to create your resume for a work-from-home job. How to use keywords in your resume to get your desired position. Resume writing and structure so that you have the best chance of exceeding! How to gain the skills you need to work online. Use soft skills on your resume. How to fill the gap in dates. Transferrable skills and how to apply them to your resume. Best free ways to create your stunning resume online. Team chat software to get familiar with and productivity tools. How to set up your work-from-home office for maximum efficiency. How to gain the skills for an online job. The secret sauce to wording your resume for your desired position. A foolproof way to know that your resume hits the mark!  

This 22-page ebook is packed with all the know-how and actionable details so you can create your resume with confidence and is delivered to you in a digestible way.
Leeann LaRosa
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