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The Book of God (ebook)

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God isn't dead. He's just a bit mental

Indignant at his corrupt and ignominious creation, God sits and stews in his treehouse outside the small town of Brawl. His only companion and sole remaining attendant, a withered and tortured scribe, chronicles the Lord’s descent into madness as he struggles to collect all the lost souls which have escaped his records and further addled the Lord’s already woolly mind. But when the Scribe is forced to hire a maid to care for the Almighty, the introduction of a buxom woman into God’s life brings chaos in its wake. And what’s more, the maid has an innocent and attractive young daughter…

Suffering rejection, humiliation and loathing of humankind, God seeks a way to bring back Christ and trigger the Apocalypse. The only thing standing in his way? God’s old harpy of a mother…
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