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God has lost the plot. He spends his days Sweeney-like in the trees killing birds, or crawling through the bushes to watch humans at their rut. His only companion and sole remaining attendant, a withered and tortured scribe, chronicles the Lord’s descent into madness as he struggles to bring order to The Book of Souls, a record of every being that has ever passed and the reason for the Lord’s suffering. But when the Scribe is forced to hire a maid to aid in the care of the Almighty, the introduction of a buxom woman into God’s life brings chaos in its wake. Suffering rejection, humiliation and loathing of humankind, God seeks a way to bring back Christ and trigger the Apocalypse. 

The Book of God is a work of prose, poetry and black humour that casts an irreverent eye on the holy trinity of sex, death and madness.
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