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Teaching the Four Language Skills - Basic Ideas and Techniques

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You can't go teaching English without being aware of how to teach the four main language skills; at least getting the basic ideas and techniques.

That's why I've published this guide for all teachers of English.

It’s a basic guide in which I’m going to guide you to the basic ideas and techniques for teaching the four language skills.

All teachers of English need to get and read this guide to be aware of the essential knowledge of how to teach the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This resource is a classroom-based one, as it includes practical and applicable ideas, steps, tips, and procedures for teaching language skills in the classroom.

You can ensure this by reviewing its table of contents.

If you want to achieve success in TEFL, this guide is essential.

Enjoy learning!

Get it now, read it and then let me know your feedback.

Enjoy learning!

Mohamed Ramadan

Founder of

You will get a PDF (941KB) file