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Actor & Recording Artist D'Breeon Is

Climbing the Christian Hip Hop Charts and making more of a name with his latest album for 2023:

“About That Neighbor”

D’Breeon’s music shines through innovation and the ability to blend contemporary music styles including soul, jazz, and R&B and now most recently Christian Hip Hop as he has consistently charted in the top 10 for 2022 with “Go Loco” and “DNA” from the ‘Take The Time’ album released in 2020. Over the years D’BREEON has been nominated for 8 Grammy’s since 1999. 

Utica, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- D’Breeon composed pop tunes with his band called The Dans, and became well known  as an energetic pop singer and ‘new school’ saxophonist. D’Breeon was invited up to PAISLEY PARK STUDIO's to record “Call Her” where he met Prince, Shiela E and many others. D’Breeon moved to Los Angelus where he performed at the Roxy, Viper Room, Paladium, and other iconic venues in Hollywood Ca. In addition to establishing a name for himself in the United States, in 2000 D’Breeon traveled to Dresden - Germany, where he performed "Do IT" at the Blue Note. A Cool R&B and Club-Jazz out for Hipsters mixes. Innovative and original - D'Breeon's fat vocals and awesome alto and soprano saxophone playing are complemented with infectiously positive lyrics and a drum'n'bass funk groove. D'breeon's next album - “Fantasy” a double album with a double punch: The hottest R&B sound on CD 1 and the coolest Club Jazz on CD 2. The perfect combination to chill…

“The Art of Pleasure” came out in 2010. This is a must have for your D'BREEON collection. It has that bump and knock of your favorite hits with a message. The slick & sexy sax playing creates the mood and especially enhanced when you’re with your special someone. For those of you that are eco friendly you have to hear “The Art of Pleasure”. The vocals are delivered in a twenty first century format guaranteed to stimulate the pallet in both of your ears as this album takes you on a musical journey like you have never been on before with D’Breeon.

Alongside his performing, D’Breeon also worked as a producer/engineer with a variety of record companies including Chi Sound Records, EMI, Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal Music Group, Altar Records, Masonic Music, Quick Silver, Big Sound Records, Rite 1, Hollywood Headliner and currently with Parrea Breeon Music in 2022.

Resulting from a successful tour 2012-2014 D’Breeon's album "Where The Party" came out in 2013 and provided listeners with a new glimpse into jazz hip hop extended play mix. Classic piano and saxophone drive new school melodies and lyrical content, providing a bridge between old and new. Many of D’Breeon’s (aka Bryant Michael Davis)’s songs like “Call Her{Recorded at Paisly Park}”,“Hollywood Girl”, "Greatful" are a few of the 8 songs that have been nominated for Grammy consideration. 

The “World” album was introduced in 2015 - Urban Praise: Positive Music. This is a new style of R&B that makes Urban Sounds stand still while the Word rides them like a wave. Check out this new style of Power Positive Music. It takes Gospel to a new level.

In 2018 D’BREEON wrote and produced and even more Urban Praise album - "Be Blessable”. This is an album based on the importance of not complaining. After a bit of review of the ‘word’ said snakes and scorpions come when folks complain.

In 2020 D’BREEON released his first major release with Hollywood Headliner Inc. In the middle of the pandemic. This new album “Take the Time” delivers urban house music in the traditional r&b/jazz flavor seasoned with the new style created by D’BREEON himself. It was originally created to be called the “Beach Front Bump” and is currently falling under the ‘Christian Hip Hop’ genre - Check D’BREEON out as he really delivers on Vocals, Rap, Flute and Tenor Sax. This album was recognized on the charts, specifically the “Christian Hip Hop” charts, see "Take The Time" album tracks: ‘Go Loco’ and ‘DNA’.

Now it’s 2022 two years after the pandemic and D’BREEON is back with arguably the best album of his career so far. Be sure to download it here if you want the most money to go to me. The new album “About That Neighbor” really delivers a positive message with some of the best hip hop beats and styles for 2022 and 2023.

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'About That Neighbor' features:

SONGS ABOUT LOVE - Featuring the 9 min extended mix Video of "About That Neighbor" only available here as a download.
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