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Read this if you are an introvert:

This journaling course for beginners is designed to help introverts & people pleasers who struggle with imposter syndrome to overcome blocks that keep them from thriving.

As an introvert you might already write in a journal from time to time. But you want to make it a habit to write every day, since you feel good when you finally find the time to sit with your thoughts and write them down.

But how are you going to find the time to write in a journal, when you can't even finish one thought in your head? you might ask. Everybody craves your attention, and you can't even finish one thought. Let alone sit for an hour a day and write in a journal.

I feel you.

Saved by a notebook.

I'm an introvert and I have struggled with people pleasing and imposter syndrome for the entirety of my adult life. Saying no to people was the most intimidating thing I could ever imagine doing. If someone needs my attention, isn't it my obligation to listen or to help? At least that's what I thought for a long time.

My journal has been my friend and ally, and I can write whatever I want without the fear of being judged.

And I can truly say that my journal saved me. At first I ran it as an experiment: I made the decision to carve out the time to sit with my journal every day for as long as it took until it would become a habit and a part of who I was.

Journaling is now a huge part of my life. I write, create art and use my journal as a planner. And now I want to help you do the same.

Here's what happened:

I wrote about everything under the sun. I laughed, I cried. I was raging in anger from time to time. I wrote about how unfairly I was treated as a young child and I felt sorry for myself.

Little did I know how much this small and seemingly insignificant morning routine would shift my awareness from the victim mentality that I was stuck in to more of the hero in my own story.

The journal entries also shifted. Suddenly a poem emerged on the page. At first I was terrified: what if somebody would see it? Imposter syndrome all over again. The journal was there for me, and I wrote about the feelings that percolated up to the surface.

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This course is for you if:

✅ You want to start a daily journaling habit.

This is a course is for people who want to start journaling on a daily basis. If you're already a journaler but write occasionally from time to time, but want to commit to a life transforming habit, this course is for you.

✅ You feel like an imposter sometimes.

Regular journaling is a very effective way to get to the bottom of what you really feel and want in life. When you journal, you're alone with your thoughts and the words are just for you. You don't have to own up to anyone. You can allow yourself to rant. No one will judge you. Dream big on the page without the fear of being judged.

You struggle with procrastination and issues of self worth.

Committing to a daily journaling routine helps you to get control of your life and thoughts.

By starting a daily journaling habit you discover more about yourself and you get a clear picture of the root cause for your habits and why you hold on to them.

✅ You're aware that change has to take some time.

The method that I teach takes time. You have to patiently watch as your thoughts unfold on the page. Sometimes you'll come up with a thought that requires serious inquiry and contemplation for days and weeks before you can move on. But that's ok.

This course is NOT for you if you:

Are impatient

If you want to get long lasting results you have to be willing to put in the effort every day and see the results grow over time.

Aren't willing to dedicate one hour per day to establishing your journaling habit

Developing a journaling habit takes time but it is the most rewarding time spent. If you're not willing to take time from other activities (such as scrolling social media, watching TV etc.) this course is not for you.

Want someone else to fix your problem

This is hard work and you're the one who has to do it. If you expect that you won't have to work for the results, this course isn't for you.

Aren't committed to the process

Journaling will get you to results, but you have to trust the long and sometimes difficult process of getting there. It's like going to the gym: You wouldn't expect to get fit from one visit to the gym. The same applies here.

Aren't willing to feel the emotions that might come up during your journaling sessions

The deeper you get in your journaling habit the more you get in touch with your inner being that might have been neglected for decades.

Journaling can help you release trauma and negative beliefs, but you have to have the courage to feel uncomfortable emotions from time to time.

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