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Classroom Helpers Badges Set

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The “Classroom Helpers Badges Set” is a great way to highlight who your classroom helpers are for the day or week.  The “Classroom Helpers Badges Set” comes with 12 labeled helper badges and 12 blank badges for you to add your own labels.  Labeled badges consists of 2 “Classroom Helper” badges, 1 “Paper Distributor” badge, 1 “Door Holder” badge, 1 “Line Leader” badge, 1 “Paper Collector” badge, 1 “Morning Meeting Helper” badge, 1 “Encouragement Leader” badge, 2 “Cleaning Helper” badges, 1 “Floor Monitor” badge, and 1 “Homework Helper” badge.

     Just print badges on cardstock and laminate.  Badges can be fixed on popsicle sticks, affixed to Velcro, or hole punched and strung with yarn, just to name a few ideas.  Blank badges can be used as name tags or labels. 

     Each badge is about two inches in diameter.
You will get a PDF (11MB) file
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