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A Collection of 100 Travel Tips and Hacks

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This book is for those who desire travel but want to learn about how to travel, travel safely, save costs, travel on a budget, find good airfare deals, and avoid mistakes along the way.

I used to think travel was for a select group of people - the rich, wealthy, and powerful. Until I went to over 40 countries and realized that anyone with a desire for travel can indeed make it happen.
I wrote this book many times while on the road. As I discover a new hack or a new tip that made my journey easier, I penned it down. 40 countries later, I have over 100 travel tips and hacks to share with everyone who wants to make travel a part of their lifestyle.

A small investment that could save you thousands of dollars!

For only $10, you get 70 pages filled with great travel tips and hacks to help you travel better and smarter. Maybe you didn't know that buying a one-way ticket may get you denied entry into a foreign country, forcing you to shell out an emergency $1500 ticket back home. Guess what? You just saved $1500.

What if I told you you too can travel the world?

Travel isn't just for a select group of people. It can be accessible to all! With the right access to knowledge and information (such as this super-packed book), you can open up a world of possibilities.

I've been to so many places - from Cuba to Costa Rica to Kenya to Brazil to Indonesia and so much more. After traveling to over 40 countries across six continents and 105 cities, I've put together all my best travel tips, hacks, and advice into a collection for you. You don't have to scramble through the internet looking for answers scattered all over the place. This book has all the fundamentals of travel packed into 70 pages all in an easy to read and easy to digest format. After reading this book, your travel game will be elevated and if applied, you'd be ready to travel when it's time.

Let's bring it back to basics!

Let's not over-complicate things. Travel really is the combination of these five things:
  • Knowing when to book
  • Knowing where to book
  • Planning ahead
  • Being flexible
  • Finding ways to travel smarter.


Perhaps you have ambitious travel goals or you just want to go on one big trip per year alone or with family and friends, whatever the case, you're at the right place. 

In this book, you will learn:
  • How to fund your travels
  • How to travel on a budget
  • The best and proven ways to score affordable flight tickets
  • How to get your finances in order so you can reach your travel goals
  • What airlines and travel companies won't tell you
  • How to travel for 'free'
  • How to find the best accommodations every time
  • Top mistakes to avoid while traveling
  • All the ways you can travel smarter
And many more! This is your opportunity to learn what works for me and how you can apply it your current situation. I strongly believe that no matter what side of the spectrum you fall under, this book will give you that much-needed kick and useful information to bring your travel dreams to life.

Happy reading! 

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