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The Holy Testament of Trespicos AAA-ROMA Medallion

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Studying the wisdom of Trespicos opens one’s third eye. You discover the world of the immortals with your keen senses through meditations, and dreams. You will have the ability to know what will happen in the future. Discovering what is happening in different dimensions and time. Not everyone is endowed with an open third eye. Some of these people are innate in them since they were just born. Others have a set time to open it voluntarily. Others who desperately wanted to open their third eye, consulted spiritual healers and they underwent a ritual to open their third eye. But for now, it can be studied using esoteric wisdom that will guide the right way to have an open third eye and this testament is one that is here. This book is holy and sacred. So, for those who take it, it is necessary to take care of this testament. Do the will of god before the will of yourself. I instruct the keepers of this book to practice humility, helpfulness, charity, and be sure to be righteous before the creator father. Since the all -powerful god is holy, I advise you to be holy in his will and follow the path of goodness that our ancestors the prophets and apostles taken. Do not be proud. Anyone who is found to have done evil against others using the wisdom contained in this book will not be accepted completely innocent. I will not be responsible for your sin if you violate the reminders of this testament.

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