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Just My Type[ography]

How to select the perfect fonts to represent your brand's unique personality.

What's your type? Let's find out.

The only primer of its kind. A complete mini-course designed to help you choose the ideal fonts for your brand, while leaning into your archetypal persona. Everything you wanted to know about fonts including what works together, what doesn't, how to choose them, and which fonts best represent your unique brand and archetype. Plus, it's packed with helpful resources.

brand font selection

Topics covered include:

  • Brand Archetyping
  • Tips on choosing fonts for your brand archetype
  • Fonts vs. Typography
  • The different font styles and what they mean
  • Developing a font composition
  • Font enhancements and how and when to use them
  • How to create a visual hierarchy
  • Using Google vs. Commercial fonts
  • Font finding resources
  • How to evoke emotion using your fonts
  • Links for where to find uncommon, reputable fonts
  • A font selection checklist
  • and more

You'll better understand

  • How fonts are used in branding
  • What factors to consider
  • How many fonts to use
  • Where to find quality fonts
  • What a font hierarchy is and how to choose yours
  • Why it's so important to get your font choices right
  • How to select fonts that send the right message to your ideal customers
  • and more

Students love it...

This isn't a "primer," it's a complete understanding of font and typography. Really. I've been working on websites since 2003, and Wordpress since 2005 and only through this book did I finally understand some very important concepts regarding fonts.

I've read books on typography, followed typography blogs, read tons of articles on choosing fonts, you name it. The two pages with illustrations combined with font was everything (I'm a visual learner). You blew my mind on the page in which you defined font and typography because—no one else has ever bothered to do this in all that I've read over the years. (Or if they did, they weren't able give clear and concise definitions.) 

I cannot overstate how much understanding and confidence I've gained from reading this.

I now understand how to experiment with font when I'm choosing fonts for logos or website headlines. You gave a clear outline of the principles needed to choose fonts for websites or any content. (One website designer that I love has used up to 9 different fonts on one site. They need your book.) Your book is worth every penny. It has actual, useful education on a topic that has tons of free info that's worth what is paid for it. This is a resource I'll be returning to every time, and deleting my other font-related bookmarks.

I feel confident in creating any font-based logos for myself now. I'm not pretending I'm a graphic designer, only that my general confusion regarding the usage of fonts in my small projects is gone.

Ready? Let's go.

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Course curriculum

Here's a peek inside the font selection course. Loaded with valuable information and resources. Because choosing your brand's fonts should be as hard as it is.


All the brand archetypes are represented in this one book. This guide won't tell you what fonts to choose, but it will teach you how to select the fonts that will work best for your unique personality. 

Choosing fonts are half of the visual branding equation. if you need help choosing color palettes for your brand archetype, check out the Brand Archetype Colorbook Collection.