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The Boring of the Ear. [1623]

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This Annotated PDF version of The Boring of the Ear [1623] by Stephen Egerton (1555-1621) is one of the selections in Strait Gate Publications' Annotated Theological Library, G. Wm. Foster, Jr., Ed. Copyright 2010by Strait Gate Publications, Charotte, North Carolina.

"Containing a Plain and Profitable Discourse by Way of Dialogue, Concerning: 1. Our preparation before hearing. 2. Our demeanor in hearing. 3. Our exercise after we have heard the Word of God." — This short treatise by a seasoned Puritan preacher focuses on the importance of how to hear the preaching of the Word of God. This is a biblical and practical application of the truths contained in Luke 8:18 and Ecclesiastes 4:17, and are as applicable to the present day as in the 17th century.

The title is based on the instructions given by God to the Hebrews. It was the practice of boring a servant's ear with an awl at the doorpost to symbolize the servant's dedication to a lifetime of listening to (obeying) the master of that house (Exodus 21:6). This in turn, is a fit symbol of the Christian's life belonging to and obeying his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

It is thoroughly bookmarked for maximum maneuverability and search capabilites within the document and has an added Glossary of terms and phrases and exhaustive Scripture Index.
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