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Remote Healing Sessions To Remove All Negative Energy

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Advanced Remote and Distance Healing Session
1 nightly 30 minute Remote Distant Healing
1- Remote Healing Clearing mp3 Sound Healing
1- Remote Healing and Clearing Guided Meditation

You are receiving A Remote Healing Session which begins at the time of your purchase. For 3o days I will be sending you Healing and Clearing through my nightly meditation. I will be working remotely, which is energetically.
The energetic vibrations will be transmutting all negative and toxic frequencies in your field.
2nd. You are receiving a 20 Minute High Vibrational Sound Healing Track.
The High Vibrational Music can be played anywhere at anytime.
Master Your Energy-Master Your Life!
My Sound Healing Transmission will Remove all Negative Energy whenever it is played.
3rd. You are receiving a 20 Minute Guided Sound Healing Remote Transmission. To be used in a relaxed state of being.
During each Remote Healing Session All negative energy will be removed.
If you are living in a high stressful environment, are empathic, are doing alot of interactions with others, or just feel dark heavy energy around you, use this.

You will get the following files:
  • M4A (28MB)
  • M4A (28MB)