Fluffy Rabbit

by Mamba Books & Publishing......Lafayette A. Johnson Jr.,Ph.D. in Creative Writing, Literature, and E

Tyler is given a new toy called, Fluffy Rabbit; Fluffy Rabbit was tossed aside for toys of higher quality. The oldest and wisest toy in the house, a rocking horse; told Fluffy Rabbit that with love someday he could become a real rabbit. One night, after Tyler had misplaced his favorite toy, he was given Fluffy Rabbit to play with. As time passed Fluffy Rabbit became Tyler’s favorite toy.

That fall Tyler was stricken with a serious illness, and his favorite toy, Fluffy Rabbit was thrown into the trash. When Tyler got well, his family prepared to go on a trip to Virginia Beach. They put all of his toys into a large bag to burn them. They bought him a new maniacal toy, of higher quality. Fluffy Rabbit, had to be burned with the other toys, but before Fluffy Rabbit was burned, he was rescued by a Fairy, who changed him into a real… living…rabbit. 

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