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WWII Self Help Research Tool for Australian Military Records

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Why pay someone else when you can do your own research!

A comprehensive Research Tool for WWII Australian Military Records

After many years of experience researching WWII military Records for the Australian Military Forces, I have located some extremely useful military resources.I am approached daily by many people who are seeking my assistance with locating information on a family member or a friend who was a member of the Australian Military Forces during WWII. Others are seeking information on WWII camps, airfields, unit histories etc.

As my time is limited due to my need to keep updating the "Australia @ War" web site, I'm not normally able to assist people, so I have decided to put together a comprehensive PDF document listing all of the research aids that I use, to allow you to find that bit of information that you are desperate to find.

Confused by the changes to the Australian War Memorial web site. This Help File will help you find the important research tools on the AWM site. 

You will be amazed at what you can find without leaving home!

If any of the links inside the pdf file do not work, just copy and paste the link into a browser and hit Return/Enter.

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