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Embracing Your Earth Journey interview series

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EMBRACING YOUR EARTH JOURNEY includes 10 transformational talks designed to help you welcome your humanity, honor your divinity, and co-create your journey.


Embracing Your Earth Journey was an online speaker series hosted by Stephanie Elizabeth in 2020.

How can we heal, grow, and thrive as whole and empowered human beings in this age of apocalypse?

This series of soulful and illuminating conversations will ACTIVATE and INSPIRE you to step more powerfully into your HUMAN EXPERIENCE in service of individual and collective EVOLUTION.

Discover how you can cultivate and nurture aliveness, connection, freedom, and healing on all levels of your being.

The series focuses on these three pillars:
  • Welcome your humanity - Be who you are, dismantle oppressive conditioning, tend to yourself and your mission, and ground into the practice of being human.

  • Honor your divinity - Remember your magic, align with your soul’s evolutionary process, deepen your relationship with your inner wisdom and the multi dimensional spirit of life.

  • Co-create your journey - When you integrate and express the whole of you are as a divine human being, you have the power to co-create your life, disrupt the status quo, and catalyze profound change in service of sustainable life for all beings on our beloved planet Earth! 🌎✨

Your purchase includes nearly 12 hours of downloadable audio and video files to watch or listen on your computer or mobile device. 

You’ll receive wisdom and encouragement, along with practical and profound teachings, tools, and techniques to support you on all levels of your human journey.

Enjoy these transformational talks:
  1. Stephanie Elizabeth ~ Welcoming Your Humanity in the Age of Apocalypse
  2. Lyla June ~ Re-matriating the Land and the Spirit
  3. Andréa Ranae ~ Leading with Your Divine Humanity
  4. Natalie Ross ~ How to Hear & Trust Your Intuition
  5. James-Olivia Chu Hillman ~ Right Relationship as a Practice for Life
  6. Nadia Payan ~ Create to Grow
  7. Laura Perlin ~ Ancestral Reclaiming & Re-Indigenization
  8. Miik Wells ~ Presencing More of YOU with Inner Equity
  9. KJ Song ~ Embracing Your Voice For Social Change
  10. Shanita Liu ~ Activating Your Courage…the Unconventional Way!
  11. BONUS: Closing Ceremony & Community Gathering (replay)

Please note that I've chosen to deplatform Carolyn Elliott and Astera Ilhiana Magdalena's talks from the original broadcast. Those two interviews are not included in your purchase.

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