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Player's Guide to Arthos

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    The Player’s Guide to Arthos is an introductory tour of the world of Arthos. This primer has maps of the world, discussions on politics, history, demographics, calendars and current events throughout the great continent. The Player’s Guide to Arthos will give your next adventure the tools it needs to get started or ideas to use in another world.

    Even if you don’t want to learn new rules, the Player’s Guide to Arthos has what you need to expand your experiences in the 5th edition of the most popular RPG system in the world.




     Have smart players clamoring for some extra “realism”? Want to make those mid-level games more challenging without forcing characters to fight dragons? Try the condensed, modular optional rules for Stamina, Burdening, Overcasting spells, Swimming, and exertion. Each optional rule is written  to work on its own or in concert with the others. You choose which ones to use in your next campaign. Familiar tables are recreated herein, with added swimming modifiers and two new shield classes.

    With  5 new subraces and the introduction of the Science skill, bring more depth to your play styles than ever before. Introduce the Borsilkian gnome for heroes who don’t want to deal with magic. Or try the massive rannog for your next campaign.

    Welcome to Arthos!

You will get a PDF (4MB) file