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The Wrath of SnowFire

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After long months being on puppy duty, SnowFire finally gets a day of freedom. The day should have been relaxing, but it turned into a mother's worst nightmare. As an intruder enters their territory, SnowFire rushes to her pups to protect them. Word is delivered to her that one of her older pups is missing and all claws are out as she hunts the land to find her.

DarkDeath watches his mate go postal when the word gets delivered a twin-tailed fox entered their territory. With his second in command at his side, they search for the enemy, only to find they might be too late. As the wind mingles SnowFire's and the enemies scent together––magic takes shape leaving DarkDeath fearing for his mate's life.

Will SnowFire's rage push her past her breaking point, or will DarkDeath save her from herself? See what happens in the 6th installment within the Tales of Ferrês story series and find out why this alpha female shouldn't be messed with.
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