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Meaningful Tourism Training

Meaningful Tourism is the new paradigm for the post-pandemic development of global tourism first coined by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt in 2021.


It enhances in a holistic way the predominantly supply-side orientated Sustainable Tourism approach and the focus on restricting the behaviour of visitors in the Responsible Tourism approach towards a concept which covers both demand and supply side and concentrates on the positive effects for all stakeholders involved, Using Quality and Satisfaction of all stakeholders as the basic Key Performance Indicators, the interests of the guests/visitors, host communities, staff, companies and organisations, governments and the environment are taken into account, allowing the Forward Proofing of destinations and companies in their sustainable and profitable development as well as a offering career paths for employees and increased benefits for the host communities.

Meaningful Tourism Training is a great opportunity to learn about new post-pandemic tourism development for businesses and individuals. It has a practical approach which is easy to understand and apply to the different types of organisations. 

What can you expect from this training:

→ Introduction to Meaningful Tourism paradigm and a new approach

→ Checklists and toolboxes for immediate practical application

→ Six interviews with important experts in the industry

→ Real life industry examples/practices

→ Certificate of participation

Overview of the content:

Part 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Situation and challenges in the post-pandemic tourism 
  • New solution to the topic: Meaningful Tourism Paradigm

Part 2: Toolboxes for stakeholders


  • Discussion of Guests KPIs
  • Expert interview with Ana-Maria LaFuentes Cordoba (Spanish Tourist Office in Guangzhou)
  • Checklist with practical applications

Host community

  • Discussion of Host Community KPIs
  • Expert interview with Eduardo Santander (CEO of European Travel Commission)
  • Checklist with practical applications


  • Discussion of Staff KPIs
  • Expert interview with Maria Puetz-Willems (Editor in Chief
  • Checklist with practical applications


  • Discussion of Companies KPIs
  • Expert interview with Kurt Groetsch (Managing Director of Flamenco Dance Museum)
  • Checklist with practical applications


  • Discussion of Government KPIs
  • Expert interview with Ralf Ostendorf (Director of Sales Berlin Tourism)
  • Checklist with practical applications


  • Discussion of Environment KPIs
  • Expert interview with Nicole Häusler (Lead Tourism Advisor at International Trade Center)
  • Checklist with practical applications

Part 3: Conclusion

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