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Footprints in the Snow: A Paranormal Tale

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Footprints in the Snow
A Paranormal Tale

It’s 1944 and through desperation, sheer luck and the worst winter storms in living memory Hitler’s forces have successfully attacked and forced the Battle of the Bulge, a fierce offensive inside the dense Ardenne Forest. Then the weather brings both sides to halt, the armies in danger of freezing to death. A German patrol led by the hardened and dangerous Sergeant Muller knocks on the door of a remote abbey and demands that the sisters provide food and shelter for his men. He won’t take no for an answer, but Muller should question why the abbey wasn’t on any maps, or how the war had somehow left the forbidding place untouched — and asked himself why the Holy Order of nuns inside show no fear of the soldiers. Beyond the walls are the deadly storm, the dark forest and the enemy. Trapped inside the abbey, Muller and his men have got much worse, evil things to survive.
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