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Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life (Book) by Eve Nguyen

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Overcome stress, frustration, feelings of overwhelm and lack of inspiration! 

Learn techniques that you can use to empower and motivate yourself.​This book will help you to overcome barriers such as procrastination, lack of organisation, interacting with difficult work colleagues, and more, so that you can balance your body and mind for optimal well-being, mental acuity and performance.
This book includes information from international leaders in health and well-being including:
A Foreword by Naomi Holtring (Master of Dispute Resolution & Managing Partner of InterMEDIATE).
Case studies and insights from Betska K-Burr (Co-President of Coaching and Leadership International Inc. & Executive & Life Coach).
Health insights from Robyn Chuter (Naturopath, Counsellor, EFT Practitioner & Creator of the Get Lean for Life Program).
This book will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to create more calm.

Written by Eve Nguyen

(BHSc ND, GdPsych, Transpersonal Counsellor & Coach)

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