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Mohair Cinch Set (Available to members only!)

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This item is only available to members of the Donkey Training Membership Group on Patreon. Please do not order unless you are a member. Thank you! :-)

PLEASE Contact me after you order with your color choices!!!! Pic of colors below
This is for a set of 2 cinches!!!! Heart design is for example only. Designs used will be bars and triangle type. For more complicated design request there is an additional charge, please contact for more info.

Mohair is the best for cinches!
No rubbing or galling.

Donkeys and mules typically need a double cinch rigging or a y-cinch. 

This is for 2 cinches, back and front, 17 strands wide. (if you want a wider cinch please email or txt me, there will be an additional charge)
NO nylon only soft mohair weave (nylon can rub sores)

No blends, I use 100% mohair!!! Professionally dyed, no color bleeding! 
Front Cinch is 2 inchs smaller than back cinch (if you need a different length contact me)

Basic Buckles and center D's used. If you want O rings or a special buckle style just contact me.

Color Choices:

Contact me at or txt 423-400-7046 with your color choices

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