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The Pointless Hero, A Novella

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Geordie Dittoe must die.

Young, lost, confused, and scared of everything, Geordie has just barely become an adult. He hasn’t even done anything important yet.

But he’s about to.

Unbeknown to him, Geordie is mere hours away from the most fateful choice of his life; the wrong move could kill thousands of strangers, lead to his own early demise, or both.

But the choice really isn’t up to him. Someone else is directing his story, for a very simple reason: the balance of the universe is far too delicate to leave up to free will.

Fate and destiny aren’t just lofty ideas, they’re very real forces far beyond anyone’s control, manipulated by some and protected by others. And one bland Friday afternoon, Geordie will be shoved right in the middle of this eternal battle.

But he has enough to deal with, between a job he’s no good at and a soul-searching girlfriend, and some pretty agonizing questions he has yet to answer. Like… What should he do with his life? How does anyone know what’s right and what’s wrong? And, in the long run, which lives matter? Is it only the noteworthy, remarkable ones, or every dull, anonymous, pointless little life?
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