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a sustainable practice to enrich your life

The Four Essential Principles of Meditation teaches you how to build a sustainable, Self-Directed 10-15 Minute Meditation Practice that will enrich your life. 

the wisdom, tools and rituals you need...

ο»ΏThe Four Essential Principles of Meditation includes practical and spiritual wisdom and the tools and rituals you need to develop a beautiful and consistent meditation practice.


Whether you are seeking inspiration to resurrect a practice you've left behind, or looking to journey deeper in your daily meditation practice, the end result is greater confidence and comfort ~ as you enhance your ability and skill in meditation. 

What's in The Course?

w i s d o m

4 comprehensive, accessible lessons with over 1 hour of audio guided learning to accompany the course material making it an easy, relaxing and enjoyable learning experience.

t o o l s

Tools and rituals to help you integrate this wisdom into your practice and in life.

c o n n e c t i o n

Student support. Connect, discuss and share in your exclusive 'Students of Meditation ~ 'Mastery Group' 🧘

Chat about your discoveries and insights including any 'a-ha' moments that affirm your practice.

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The Four Essential Principles of Meditation