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The Gray Hair Reversal Protocol

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Did you know there are 30 things that directly contribute to the graying of hair?

In this protocol I share specific substances that have the ability to lower oxidative stress in the mitochondria that causes gray hair. When complex 4 cytochrome c oxidase makes ATP molecules the result is either hydrogen peroxide or 4th phrase water.

If it's the former, that H2o2 will exit the body via the hair follicles. If it's the latter, then you create energy and hydration at the same we did when we were children.

Energy and melanin production (colored hair) are tied tightly together.

I share all of this with links to studies, websites, books and more!

When you fix gray hair, you fix your mitochondrial health...which means more energy as a byproduct!

** Note: None of the information here on in our protocols are meant to be medical advice. You should always consult your medical doctor before starting any treatment. I am not a medical doctor, I am an avid health researcher sharing my findings.

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