Hundreds of Travel Tips for New Travellers

by Jacqueline Quenault

Have you always wanted to travel overseas and were never quite brave enough? Not sure where to start?

Do you know someone that is travelling for the very first time and would appreciate some real life tips from a collection of seasoned travellers?

Or have you recently lashed out and booked a trip, getting more nervous as the departure date approaches?

What will you pack, who do you need to advise, what is the best way to travel, what car hire company???

Arrrgggghhhh, its all too hard.. Or is it?

This ebook is for you. It has been written with tips from many overseas travellers, and these are their top tips to share with someone who is new to the wonderful world of travelling.

Providing tips on what to pack, how to travel safely, travel hacks from regular travellers and even how to manage money overseas. A practical down to earth starters guide for the new traveller.

You will learn who you need to advise when leaving the country, how to minimise theft and many other handy hits that will ensure that your first trip goes off without a hitch.

Includes a Handy Quick Information Sheet to keep all your info in one place should the worst arise.

Bon Voyage....

You will get a PDF (6MB) file.

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$ 4.99

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