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Spring Cleaning when you don't have time is a 15-page booklet with 3 printables on a grace-filled approach to cleaning your home while keeping your heart in tune with God.

The struggle to keep your home running smoothly is real!

Even if you aren't the woman who is inclined to keep it sparklingly clean all year round, things like dishes, dust bunnies, and clutter will call your name just like they do me.

It seems like the world is spinning faster and faster leaving me less and less time to clean, let alone clean a little deeper once or twice a year.

Spring Cleaning Anytime of Year!

Spring cleaning is what we call it but can be done any time of year!

I like spring cleaning for an hour or two when the mood hits me rather than feeling like it has to be done in the spring!

It is easier to fit in an hour or two of cleaning rather than cleaning for days on end like our grandmothers once did.

Nine pages of this short booklet will teach you:

  1. Motivate yourself to tackle spring cleaning!
  2. 10 insanely smart tips for cleaning your bathroom!
  3. Cleaning the dust and cobwebs from your deck this summer!
  4. When you don't have time for spring cleaning!

This short e-booklet is for you if you want your house clean without spending days on end cleaning it. 

When your home is clean enough, you have more time to spend with Jesus in an atmosphere that is peaceful!


Note: Spring Cleaning: When Your Don't Have Time originally was available on my original blog.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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