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Taking Aim - Your Starting Point for Photography

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Taking Aim - Your starting point for photography

Photography is one of the most delicate and exciting art forms. If you're a beginner photographer or are interested in starting out in this creative field, this ebook is for you. I'll show you exactly what matters when it comes to starting out as a photographer in order to grow a long-lasting, deep connection and photographic passion. We're going to tackle the following subjects:

First steps when starting out
You‘ll learn everything about finding the purpose and goal with your photography. Furthermore, I‘ll give you some tips on how to find a suitable camera, lenses and what to do with your pictures.

Finding your field of photography
How do you find your own, distinctive style? How can you deepen your experience as a photographer? This chapter consists of eight steps which will help you develop your photography.

Learning how to take pictures
In this chapter we will take a look at how to follow and break the most important photographic rules and how to find a balance of creating meaningful images and learning essential techniques.

Using social media
Learn why it matters to use social media in order to grow as a creative person, find inspiration and connect with others.

Editing your photos
Editing can be an essential part of creating and adding a more aesthetical touch to your photographs. While personal colour schemes are important, how far should you go with editing?

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About the author: ​My name is Dominik Sartorius, I’m a freelance photographer based in Switzerland and specialised in outdoor photography with a strong tendency to a unique storytelling. Both inspired by bustling cities and impressive mountain ranges, I always try to create new ways of telling my story using new perspectives on this world. Constantly driven by the search for growing ​as a person and creating strong and ​​impactful pieces of content. I've worked for small businesses as well as well-known multinational corporations.

If you'd like to know more about me, check out my instagram or my website.

In this ebook, I'll show you my very first steps and what worked for me best into this beautiful journey of photography.

Welcome on board.

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