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The Burro BackPack! {Member Exclusive}

This item is only available to members of the Donkey Training Membership Group on Patreon.
Only order if you are a member!

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. PLS ALLOW 6 to 8 WEEKS FOR ME TO MAKE YOUR BACKPACK. Pls get the measurements I need asap after you order. Contact me with any questions.

I call this version of the Burro Packpack the Trail Lite. Not meant to carry heavy objects or go burro racing. Its meant to carry light items you would take on a day hike. Just like with any pack the items you put in the backpack need to be balanced. You may want to add a blanket under the pack.
Here is a video with more info about the Burro PackBack

🌼First! I need measurements to make your Burro Packback. 
I need to know the height of your donkey and I need 3 measurements. Burro BackPack Measuement Video

🌼Second! Pick one pr 2 colors for your rigging! (breast collar, crouper and straps) 

🌼Third! Email or Txt me your measurement and color choices! 423-400-7046 or

I designed this pack because the traditional sawbuck pack saddles were just over kill for the kind of hiking I do. I'm not overnight camping or elk hunting! I just needed something to carry water, snacks for me and treats for my donkey on our little half day hikes.
This worked perfect! 

Please allow up to 6 weeks for me to make your pack. 
No refunds of returns, so make sure you get the right measuements. Txt 423-400-7046 or email if you have any questions at all!