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the field of why by Shloka Shankar

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About the book:

the field of why marks Yavanika Press' fiftieth title by Founder and Editor-in-Chief Shloka Shankar. The poet's debut full-length collection features 51 Japanese short-forms, primarily haiku, senryu, and haiga. To purchase the paperback, please click here.

“If inventive haiku and haiga are blooms in the field of why, poet and artist Shloka Shankar’s strong narrative is the well-tended path that leads us through them. In her first full-length collection, we soon see that what begins as an expression of loss and anxiety evolves to a search for identity. The skillfully-arranged poems express a mental shift toward empowerment, the personal quest for peace and acceptance, and the discovery of what remains untouched by our struggles. These pieces are powerful expressions of what cannot be broken, and the reader is sure to be rewarded for their careful unpacking as they consider the difficulties of their own ‘field of why’.”

— Robin Anna Smith, Co-Editor of whiptail: journal of the single-line poem

“At times amusing, at times touching, but always thought-provoking, the field of why is Shankar’s intensely personal yet relatable journey through life. The finely crafted haiku and beautiful haiga are testament to how language and art can be inventively used to show what is difficult to express. My only surprise is why it took her so long to bring out her first full-length collection! A visual and literary masterpiece, this book belongs on the shelf of every poet.”

— Ashish Narain, Associate Editor of haikuKATHA
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