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I started my sex work journey in 2017 & it’s been nothing but freedom and prosperity for me. I started my sex work classes in 2018 & I have helped many women to leave their dead end jobs and become true bosses. I also help women to open their eyes to the truth about males. I have recordings that I will share with you to prove to you that there is a shadow side that they do not reveal to the women in their lives. They share these dark secrets with other men & sometimes with sex workers. I’m offering my live recorded mini course to women who are ready to take charge of their lives and income. We are women. We are born with everything that we need to be rich happy safe and successful. I’m a phone sex operator, webcam model & adult content creator. Every bit of my income comes from online work. Everything is virtual and by phone. This is a billion dollar industry & you have a right to a piece of the pie. Take it. If you don't feel that the adult entertainment industry is for you that is ok. But at least you'll walk away with the secrets that men share with me. Purchase this recorded event and be ready to take notes. During this event we discussed the shadow side of men in the first hour, then in the second hour of class I give you the info on how to get started in the adult entertainment industry.
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7 months ago

shadow of men course

the shadow side of men course was very informative and full information that can save women for the dark side of men and there is not very many courses that are out here .
i have experienced instances in my life interacting with men where i have remember what Nosey said in her course and was completely right about the topics she teaches. Nosey had lot information and her courses are defiantly worth taking .

Mrs. L.

8 months ago

The Shadow Side of Men Course

Ladies, I highly, highly recommend that you take the Shadow Side of Men course. If you are thinking about getting married, contemplating getting into the dating scene or you want to better understand men in general, then this is the course for you. In the Shadow Side of Men course, The Heauxlistic Mermaid teaches women how to understand the "dark and unfiltered" side of men. This knowledge is something that generally is not taught to us from most of our mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends. Truth be told, half of them probably do not know about this information and it might have cost them dearly. This course will help lift the veil off of the fairytales that women are programmed with concerning how men are. If you are ready to receive raw, real and important information that can help prevent you from being a victim on and off of the romantic playing field, this course is a must. The Heauxlistic Mermaid is an excellent teacher and her course content is always thorough. This class is for grown women ready to face life for how it truly is versus how they wish it was supposed to be.