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My Red Squirrel Family

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We all got through the Covid 19 pandemic lock downs in our own ways. For wildlife photographer, Karen Miller, covid happened not long after she relocated from Glasgow to the Scottish Highlands. Being based in a rural area allowed Karen to explore her local wood while restrictions were in place. She was over the moon to find a population of red squirrels - an animal she had long loved.  This book is the story of Karen's first year with the squirrels - her journey of discovery as she got to know the individuals and learnt about red squirrel behaviours.  The book is filled with her images of the squirrels as well as sections on red squirrel facts and photography tips.

This is the introduction:

It's long been my dream to have "my own" red squirrels.  It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on one. They are so small, so sweet and so personable.  If asked to pick one word to describe a red squirrel experience I'd choose "joyful", It's impossible to leave an encounter without a smile on my face - even if it's just watching one curled around a bird peanut feeder outside a garden centre! 

I've visited red squirrels at many locations - from Eskrigg Nature Reserve in the South of Scotland to private hides in the Highlands.  They aren't easy to see if you aren't somewhere they are used to people as they tend to spend much of their time high up in the trees.  You may hear them chasing one another, or clucking discontentedly at your presence, or maybe spot a flash of orange as a squirrel leaps between branches but chances are they won't come down unless they are used to receiving nuts - preferably hazelnuts!   

When I viewed what became my home in the Scottish Highlands, a few miles West of Inverness, the previous owners told me that, yes, they did sometimes see red squirrels in the garden - once I'd heard that, I knew this was the house for me!  The house is next to a deciduous wood and there are plenty of trees.  Maybe, finally my dream of having "my own" red squirrels would come true. This is the story of my journey of discovery with the local squirrels written using excerpts from the diary I've kept since moving here covering my first year with the squirrels. The dates in brackets are the day I wrote the original article.  I have tweaked and not always used the same images. This story takes place during the Covid 19 pandemic, so for much of the time I was under lockdown.

I've also included a few red squirrel facts based on my observations at the end of the story plus an appendix with a few tips on how to photograph squirrels; my camera equipment and recommended further reading.
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