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The Non-Toxic Barn Workshop!

Learn to build a non-toxic barn and enviroment for you, your donkeys, your family and other animals.

Everyone benefits!

Welcome to the Non-Toxic Barn Workshop

I created this workshop to make it simple to detoxify you and your donkeys enviroment.

Did you know if you have a donkey that has behavior problems or something like anxiety, if could be influenced by a toxic substance in a product you use everyday?

Did you know a chronic or reaccuring health problem (for you or your animals) could be caused by a toxic ingrediant in a product you use everyday...

be it a grooming product, a supplement, treatment, etc...

This 4 part workshop will teach you what you need to know about cleaning products, supplements, care products and common medications.

The 4 Part Workshop

You'll learn:

  1. What to be aware of so you can make informed decisions about products
  2. Eleminate the risks with natural, clean products
  3. Build the donkeys immune system naturally instead of possibly feeding a problem!
  4. Trusted Clean Brands that help, not harm.

This also workshop contains PDFs, checklist and links to help you easily detox your donkeys enviroment.

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The Non-Toxic Barn Workshop


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