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Desolation - World of Anthrax #3 Audiobook

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Audiobook narrated by Emily Ellet, delivered by BookFunnel

I survived the plague that killed millions.

I escaped from the ravenous monsters when the dead refused to stay dead.

I ran for my life when a last-ditch effort to contain the spread of the infection did nothing but blast the last remaining survivors to smithereens.

Yet not all hope is lost.

Along the way, I made friends for life. Former enemies became allies. We’ve all become part of the Enclave—a survivor stronghold now home to thousands, among them women, children, and entire families. Together, we do everything to beat the odds.

But resources are running low. Cut off from energy, with barely enough food to see up to the end of the week, hunkering down and waiting for the zombie apocalypse to end is not an option.

Someone has to go out there and fight.

That someone is going to be me and my team—and those I still consider foe rather than friend. But we need to work together, or else none of us stand a chance to survive—another week, another day, another hour.

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