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Audio Book - Finally free from parasites!

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"Three weeks after the doctor's visit, I got a call at work. It was from the doctor at the health center. His first sentence when I answered was: Are you alone? Can we talk? Then he started saying many things, and honestly, I wasn't following along. Part way into the conversation, I realized that they had found parasites in the sample I submitted and that all he was talking about was apologizing to me without using the words sorry, or sorry."

Marianne Larsson

There is now a gentle action program against parasites, which has been used in Sweden with success for six years. The trick is that the animals never have time to realize that they are being euthanized, and when they understand what is going on, they release poisons.

The Swedish writer Lena Holfve runs a successful online school against exhaustion and its root causes, where parasitic infection is one of them.
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