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Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide

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About the author of Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide

My name is Mercedes Moss and I'm a music publisher, vocal coach, and singer. For many years I had wanted to record songs and publish my music. However, the price to record one song was astronomical.  I was deterred and lost interest with the passage of time. 

My interest in music publishing resurfaced within the past five years, and I began to explore the available avenues. I conducted a diligent search and discovered that publishing music is really the backbone of the music industry. I mainly learned that music publishing is the bread and butter of music creators and other people in the music industry.

In fact, as I explored the routes to music publishing, I began to unravel the apparently difficult jargon related to the industry and to copyrights in particular.

I began to document my findings and asked my brother to give me one of his guitar compositions. I registered with a music distribution company and uploaded my brother's music. True to their word, his music was added to leading music stores, online platforms, and streaming services with just the click of a button.

I chose a music distribution service that charges a minuscule yearly fee. Royalties from sales in stores and streaming services are paid directly to the user of the service. In fact, the company allows you to pay out royalties to other copyright holders right from the platform.

This is a great contrast to free music distribution services and music publishers who take about 30% of the royalties in exchange for services, according to law.

The company I'm referring you to is therefore superior because you keep more of your hard-earned income in your pocket.

Why I wrote the book Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide

I wrote Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide to empower music creators to independently publish their work. You will be in total control of your music and will never need to give up the rights to your work.

This book is value-packed with links to all of the resources you need to get your music online. You will not regret getting it. In fact, once you have the minimum fees, you can be up and running within 24 hours.

Here's the amazing value that you get in Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide

You will learn:

  1. How To Register The Copyright Of Your Music For Free Or Cheap (and keep all of the rights to your musical work).
  2. How To Register Copyright Of The Derivative Works (great ideas for making more money with one musical composition).
  3. US Copyright Basics Or Definitions Under US Copyright Law.
  4. Discover Types Of Rights And Licenses Assigned To Copyright Owners.
  5. How To Collect Various Kinds Of Royalties For Your Music (one source is free).
  6. The Role Of Performing Rights Organizations In Royalty Collection.
  7. How To Easily Distribute Your Music To Over 150 Stores Worldwide For A Ridiculously Low, Yearly Price (e.g. Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and more).
  8. How To Block Unauthorized Uploads Of Your Music To Streaming Platforms For Free.
  9. How To "Work" Your Music To Earn Maximum Amounts Of Royalties.
  10. Clickable Links To All Of The Resources.
  11. Bonus: How To Setup A Home Recording Studio For Cheap With 6 Pieces Of Equipment.
  12. How To Master Your Music For Free Or Cheap.


Bonuses will be immediately available for download along with your purchase.  Full details will be included.

1. 200 FREE Radio Play Credits For Your Music With A Reputable Online Radio      Station. 

2. Stream live videos for FREE on social media or YouTube.


Join my FREE Webhosting tutorials and learn how to set up a website for any online business.

One free webserver and WordPress installation are included with this offer.

Full YouTube tutorial - ebook.


A million-dollar record label for $20..." (Performer Magazine)

...simply the best distributor in the market." (Jeff Price, founder of TuneCore and Audiam)

“An affordable way to upload music to stores like iTunes” (Tech Crunch)


  1. Music Publishing: How To Get Your Music Into 150+ Stores Worldwide is an easy to read e-book.
  2. Music creators and publishers will learn the exact steps they must take in order to publish their music worldwide.
  3. All resources that you need are included and hyperlinked in the book for quick access. 
  4. Easy-to-read explanations are included on complicated topics like music copyrighting.


  1. I guarantee that your music will be in major stores, music streaming services, and online radio stations PLUS other countries like Africa.
  2. All you need to do is to implement the easy, actionable steps laid out in this book
Thanks for your purchase! Enjoy.
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