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Someone New - Paperback

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“Someone New” is the new mini-book written by Minister Regina Rogers to explain the spiritual process a person goes through as they endeavor to live authentically as the person God has created them to be.

This book is not intended to be an exhaustive authority on the subject but rather a guide to the believer beginning their unique journey of discovery as they embrace the truth of who they really are.
This is a "mini" book, so it is not a long read, but it is a powerful read.

If you feel you are changing on the inside but things on the outside in your environment look the same … you need this book.

If you feel your mindset is shifting and your thoughts are being elevated but the conversation of those around you appears to be the same … you need this book.

If you feel like you have been in a season where God has been pruning you and requiring you to walk away from some things … you need this book.

There is nothing wrong with you …

You are not crazy …

You are becoming someone new.

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