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This book is a collection of my best publications on projects made with the Rapberry Pi board, and which I describe below:

Alarm System: Develop an alarm system to detect the movement of someone through the use of a PIR motion sensor and the Raspberry Pi Zero W board. When this happens, an alert notice will appear on the Twitter account.

Gas Leak Alarm: Develop a system for the detection of fires or gas leaks with the Raspberry Pi Zero W board and the MQ2 gas sensor. This system can send the captured data to the remote server of ThingSpeak. When a gas increase is detected beyond a limit, then a message is sent to the Twitter account.

Weather Station: Develop a Weather Station with a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, and monitor all the sensors with ThingSpeak and Twitter. The sensors used are DHT11 (humidity and temperature sensor) and BMP085 (barometric pressure and temperature sensor). Also, you can use new versions of this sensors without any problem.

Digital Image Processing: Make use of digital image processing with OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi 3. To achieve this goal, start from the software installation to make your own object classifiers and finally make an example to manipulate an object by means of an image in movement. This has many applications, ranging from recognizing people or objects, to creating your own video surveillance system.

Animations With Python And Pygame: The main goal of this project is to develop virtual animations of a human, animals and objects that are moved on a stage or image background. We will use Python and Pygame, these software tools are used to program games.
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