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Genre Based Vocabulary and Literacy Companion for Year 5/Grade 4 - Vocabulary Crunch

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A focused approach to building vocabulary and literacy for Grade 4 students, one vocabulary list and one genre at a time.

Get ready to explore the world of vocabulary with Vocabulary Crunch, perfect for Grade 4 students.

Vocabulary Crunch provides engaging texts of curriculum and grade-aligned genres, along with vocabulary lists and reading comprehension questions to help students better understand the texts.

With Vocabulary Crunch, students will build their vocabulary and improve their literacy skills.

Start your journey with vocabulary crunch today.


Forest School adventure |Recount

How to make a Terrarium | Instructional

Vikings | Information

Marco Polo| Biography

Kublai Khan| Diary

Chocolate| Poetry

Advertisements | Instructional

Mobile Phones| Persuasive

Space| Information Text

Young Detectices | News Report

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