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Ruin Star: Sun Maker Book One (Ebook) *ON SALE*

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.EPUB and .MOBI formats of Ruin Star: Sun Maker Book One

Their world is dying…

…Wardens hold all the power.

The Ruin Star looms over them.


When a boy named Gun meets an oathbreaker and a drunken scholar, he knows his life will never be the same. Driven from his desert town, he finds his place in the city.

But a revolution is brewing. The people are restless, and war looms closer every day.

What is Gun’s place in society?

Can he learn to fit in?

Aithen finds himself in a similar situation. When he saves a Warden’s life, everything gets better. But is he ready to join the military?

Will he ever belong?

What choice does he have?


One of them will enjoy privilege and station. The other will get everything taken from him.

Both will change the world.

You’ll love this space opera fantasy because of the authentic relationships, strong female characters, and the epic struggle that launches a series among the stars. Buy it now!
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